Message from The Governor H.E. Anne Waiguru, O.G.W., E.G.H.

It’s a great honor to welcome you to Kirinyaga County on the auspicious occasion of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference. This is an important milestone in the maturity of our democracy as a nation.

This year’s Devolution Conference is unique in that it factors greater citizens’ participation in the program and recognizes the need to measure and evaluate our efforts as 47 devolved units in delivering services to Kenyans.

I am personally very gratified to witness what we have achieved together as a nation since devolution began six years ago. As the first Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning, I recall the many challenges we faced in implementing a model of governance that was new to us.

Today, Huduma Centers across the country stand as a testament to the success of devolution. The growing automation of government processes that began with the successful implementation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System, (IFMIS) has proved that efficient service delivery and better use of resources to reach every citizen is not only possible but achievable. Through this, and other efforts by both the national government and county governments under the able leadership of the Council of Governors, we stand as a stronger and more prosperous nation six years on.

DesignH.E. Anne Waiguru, O.G.W., E.G.H.
Governor, Kirinyaga County
As Governor of Kirinyaga County, we have a lot to celebrate under devolution. As the fifth smallest county in Kenya, it is a great privilege to represent the Central Kenya region as the Host County of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference. Our vision as a County Government, is to ensure every resident of Kirinyaga is empowered to achieve their fullest potential in an environment of dignity. Towards these ends we work night and day to improve delivery of services in every sector including agriculture, health, trade, environment, gender youth and sports. As you enjoy this publication you will get to see some of the ways devolution has translated into important development outcomes for the people of Kirinyaga.

Lastly, as you participate in this forum over the next few days, I encourage you to spare some time to tour our beautiful county. We have no shortage of scenic waterfalls and historic sites that are waiting to be explored and you will find the people warm and welcoming everywhere you go.

Karibu Kirinyaga.